Environmental Justice Certificate

Are you concerned about the future of our planet and the survival of future generations in a changing environment? Do you ask yourself what will become of workers and their jobs in the context of a transition to a low or post-carbon economy? Do you want to know more about climate diplomacy and the socio-human implications of climate change and climate policies?

Our environmental justice Certificate has been conceived to provide you with answer to those question and many more, and is based on the conviction that environmental justice cannot be attained without proper social justice and justice with regards to nature and the natural order. Therefore we opted for an approach that put humanity at the center of our training activity.

The Environmental Justice Certificate is specifically designed for environmental impacts assessors, environmental decision-makers, environmental activists, community members, and educators on the principles of environmental justice, just transition as well as green reconciliation.


Contact Us. We will give you more information on our Environmental Justice Certificate and train you to become an Environmental Expert who is well-versed into the justice aspects of the environmental crisis.