Restorative Practices for Educators and School Administrators Certificate

At Green Reconciliation Institute, we train educators and school administrators on how to implement restorative practices in their classrooms and schools. Restorative practices greatly contribute to the development of safe and positive learning environments. 

In fact, the traditional retributive justice system mostly focuses on punishing wrongdoers without paying much attention to the deep wishes and unmet needs of those who suffered the harm, as well as the need of the communities to which they belong. In school settings, such approach is characterized by an attitude that tends to punish students with negative behaviors without going at the root cause of their actions. 

Restorative practices pay great attention to the the motivations of wrongdoers, the needs and impacts on those who suffered harm, as well as the impact on the community. They give opportunities to all parties involved to reflect on the impacts of negative behaviors and to collaboratively seek lasting solutions that attempt to maintain good relationships. They focus above all, not on punitive measures, but on restorative measures. 

This Certificate is specially recommended for educators, school administrators, parents and everyone involved in the education of children and youths.

Contact Us: We will train and help you navigate the Restorative Practices continuum journey in your classroom and school, and to formalize them through your administrative practices.