WHO we are!

Our offers include Conflicts Resolution, Consulting and Training services.

  • Conflict resolution services: At Green Reconciliation Institute we use Interests-based Mediation or Facilitated discussion, Group intervention and Restorative practices to help parties deal with their conflicts in a friendly, fast, and efficient way, without the risk of bankruptcy.
  • Training services: At Green Reconciliation Institute, train Mediators, Negotiators, Environmental Justice, Restorative Practices for educators, and Environmental Justice professionals and consultants
  • Consulting services: At Green Reconciliation Institute we offer Conflict Coaching consulting services. Our work in this respect is to guide and support clients in their journey and efforts in developing and integrating healthy conflicts managements strategies.

At the Green Reconciliation Institute, we support clients in their search for a true, real, and deep justice, through the used of Interests-based alternative dispute resolution mechanisms that focus on their unmet needs. We guide them in their pursuance of a true, real, and deep justice that takes into consideration the needs of the people harmed, the people who caused the harm, and the community that was affected by the harm; A true, real, and deep justice that go beyond rigid application of laws and principles to build relationships and community ties: a humanity-based justice and not a legality-based justice, a justice that is primarily based on collaborative, conciliatory and restorative seeking solutions rather than mere punitive solution

The fundamental work of the Green Reconciliation Institute is to support cohesion and true, real, and deep justice in our relationships, our families, our workplaces and our communities.


WHO we offer services to!


  • Individuals experiencing conflicts and those who want to learn how to better address conflicts
  • Couples and family members experiencing conflicts, or going through separations or divorce
  • Individuals and Professionals who want to add new expertise and services to their portfolio by training as Mediators, Negotiators, Restorative justice Practitioners, and Environmental justice Consultants.


  • Companies that need capacity building in Informal Conflict resolution
  • Schools and School Boards that want to train their staffs in dealing with difficult situations through Restorative Practices
  • Non-for-profit organizations seeking to offer Conflict Resolution awareness training to their members and clients.