Conflict Coaching

At Green Reconciliation Institute, we offer Conflict Coaching to individuals who need support dealing with conflicts in their personal lives, relationships, families, communities, or workplaces. We also provide Conflict Coaching to clients who, even though not involved in any ongoing conflict, wish to learn how to address conflicts in a positive, constructive, and proactive, rather than reactive way.

Four key facts about conflicts:

  • Conflicts are one of the most obvious realities of human relationships, not matter the contexts.
  • Conflicts are neutral: they are fundamentally neither negative nor positive; what matters is how we deal with them.
  • In conflict situations, people are not always at the best to appropriately respond.
  • When faced with conflicts people tend to primarily respond through the 4Fs (Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn) mechanisms.

Our Conflict Coaching services, considering the above mentioned 4 facts, aims at helping our clients discover their triggers as well as their physiological and emotional responses to conflicts. After discovering that, we guide and support them in their journey of exploring and implementing ways that help them move from the 4Fs (Fight Flight, Freeze or Fawn) to the 4Rs (Release, Relax and Relate or Respond assertively) Green Zone.






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